Week 4: The Ultimate Obstacle Challenge

Aim: Design and run your own ultimate Nerf obstacle course 

What you need to use: 

  • All the elements you have made and used throughout the Summer of Nerf: DIY targets, bottle cap and the box
  • Anything in your house that will make your obstacle that much more exciting

Instructions:  (Video instructions can be found on the website, social media and email)

Step 1: Design and set up your own Nerf obstacle that takes between 45 – 60 seconds to run

Step 2: Make sure you use all your Summer of Nerf elements

Step 3: Add other elements, of your choice, to your obstacle course 

Step 4: Make sure it is fun and challenging. Get creative – you can jump over, crawl under, spin around and even swim.

Step 5: Run through the obstacle course and get your family to do it too.

What to do to enter the competition: 

  1. Submit a video of yourself running through the obstacle course. Please note this video may not be longer than 1:30 minutes.
  2. Submit a blueprint (drawing) of your obstacle explaining what elements fit where.

Submission deadline: Sunday, 29th November at 8pm