Week 2: The Bottle Cap Challenge

Aim: Hit the bottle cap off the bottle, from varying distances.

What you’ve been given: 

Nerf Water Bottle

What you need: 

Table or a flat surface

Instructions: (Video instructions can be found on the website, social media and email)

Step 1: Untighten the cap of the water bottle so that it sits loosely on the bottle

Step 2: Place the water bottle on a table or flat surface (recommended height is at eye-level)

Step 3: Step back a few metres depending on the level you would like to compete at (See difficulty levels below)

Step 4: Load your Nerf blaster, aim at the bottle cap and blast away to try remove/hit the lid off the bottle.

Difficulty level: 

  • Beginner: 3 metres away from the bottle
  • Intermediate: 5 metres away from the bottle
  • Pro: 10 metres away from the bottle

What to do to enter the competition: 

  1. Submit a video of your best shot hitting the cap off the bottle. Please note that the video needs to show a clear view of the bottle and Nerfer in order to be entered into the competition. The best position for recording would be behind the bottle, opposite to the Nerfer taking part.

Submission deadline: Sunday, 15th November at 8pm. Please note that you are only allowed ONE submission per challenge so make sure it is your best one.